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Bisbee, AZ – “Queen of the Copper Camps”

 Welcome to Bisbee! 
Stroll its sidewalks and find delight in the many art galleries, gourmet restaurants, coffee houses, bookstores & specialty shops.Visit the charmingly restored neighborhoods of Victorian and European-style homes perched miraculously on the hillsides. Unwind…relax…and find soothing respite from your everyday world. This will be your one stop online portal to everything Bisbee. Bisbee, 90 miles southeast of Tucson and nestled amongst the Mule Mountains, is the picturesque county seat of historic Cochise County. The community was founded in 1880 and named after Judge DeWitt Bisbee, a financial backer of the Copper Queen Mine. Once known as “the Queen of the Copper Camps”, this Old West mining camp proved to be one of the richest mineral sites in the world, producing nearly three million ounces of gold and more than eight billion pounds of copper, not to mention the silver, lead and zinc that came from these rich Mule Mountains. By the early 1900s, the Bisbee community was the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco. Visit for more information!

Tombstone – “The Town Too Tough to Die”

2582649 Welcome to Tombstone! We invite you to walk the streets that these and other legendary men and women of the American West walked throughout the years.  Come absorb the experience and history that is unique to Tombstone, Arizona!  Step back into the Old West for a few days or even weeks.  It is an encounter with history that you and your family can only get in “The Town Too Tough To Die.” With a mild year-round climate, any time is the right time to visit Tombstone!  In its early days, Tombstone was a rough and tumble silver-mining town made famous by the O.K. Corral gunfight. Today, you can still hear the echoes of gunfire through the streets, but it’s gunfire from re-enactments. Tombstone is proud of its Old West history, even if it’s in a way not the wild and dangerous town it used to be.Visitors to Tombstone will find more than enough to do and see. History is everywhere and often presented in entertaining, kid-friendly ways. Tombstone has a talent for making the past come alive, whether through live performances or museums. Lodging is often historic as well. Inns that date from the 19th century are not uncommon, complete with beautiful vintage furnishings. Local RV parks allow you to experience the landscape up close. Tombstone has no end of restaurants. It’s saloons, though, are the real draw, call-backs to an older, rowdier time – without being quite so rowdy.


Tubac, AZ – Where Art & History Meet

3165221Tubac is said to have “good light” attracting some of the world’s finest artists to this small art community at the base of the Santa Rita Mountains in Southern, Arizona.   At home with the traditions of their ancestors here artists explore and work in all medium’s from traditional to contemporary. With over 100 galleries, Tubac is home to the internationally acclaimed and longest running annual art gathering in the United States, The Festival of the Arts. This five day event is held every February and draws people from all over the world.   Tubac offers a robust schedule of events throughout the year with the Tubac Center of the Arts providing arts programming and seasonal exhibitions not to be missed. A variety of locally owned restaurants and eateries are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and Tubac is home to several delightful B&B’s and a beautiful full-service golf resort that feature deluxe accommodations and amenities.   For more information about your Tubac tour, visit: today!     1756910_orig


7989271 The Sonoita & Elgin Wine Trail and the AWGA, welcome you! The Arizona Wine Growers Association (AWGA) serves grape growers and winemakers in Arizona, allying its members for representation, promotion and education. The association strives to advance with integrity the sustainable growth and production of authentic Arizona-grown wines. Whom We Serve Our voting members are wine grape growers, winemakers and those in the process of entering the industry. Our associate members are wine grape researchers, wine retailers, restaurants, hotels, B & B’s and other hospitality providers and industry vendors. Our supporting members are wine consumers and friends. Financial Support The AWGA is a voluntary, non-profit structure 100% self-funded through memberships, AWGA sponsored wine events, grants and advertising opportunities on our newsletters and soon to be on the website. The AWGA is a 501c5 non-profit. Governance AWGA voting members elect officers to a 2-year post. The officers make up an Executive Committee that reports to the membership. We have recently hired on an Executive Director to help us accomplish our goals and perform the day-to-day duties necessary for our growing organization. All officers work as volunteers. Bylaws Who’s Growing Arizona Wine Grapes? Arizona’s vineyard owners are a diverse group. There are insurance agents, lawyers, airline pilots, engineers, former college professors, a Hollywood movie producer, a rock star and medical professionals. Some of our grape growers also grow other crops such as pistachios and pecans. Wine professionals from other states are finding Arizona’s wine industry to be an attractive investment and are planning new vineyards in the state. Appellation An American Viticulture Area or AVA is defined by the US Treasury Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as having a unique climate, soil and physical features which distinguish it from surrounding areas. Arizona currently has one AVA. This viticultural appellation can be found southeast of Tucson in Sonoita. Some Interesting Wine Facts
  • Arizona has 48 licensed and bonded wineries
  • Arizona wines have been served at the White House on many occasions
  • In 2010 Arizona wines were poured at three James Beard House dinners
  • One ton of wine grapes can produce 178 gallons of juice
  • A case of wine is 2.3 gallons or 9 liters
  • Wine is being produced in all 50 states
  • In 2012 the United States is slated to become the number one wine consuming country in the world