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Hiking & Rock Climbing

5104161Bear Canyon Trails Sabino Canyon Tours’ Bear Canyon Trail tram is a non-narrated 2 mile ride that travels to the trailhead of Seven Fall. Visitors may get off the tram at any of the stops and re-board later. Trams arrive on average every hour. The Bear Canyon tram ride has 3 stops along the way for hikers to select their choice of trails.Sabino Dam The Sabino Dam lies east of the Sabino Canyon parking lot. Take the paved road and walk toward Bear Canyon or onto the lower Sabino Canyon dam rr take Bear Canyon Tram to stop #2. Gila Chub and Green Sunfish populate the waters in the creek.Seven Falls Take the Bear Canyon Tram route to the end of the line. The trail head is approximately 2 miles from the parking lot and it takes another 2 ½ miles to reach Seven Falls. The trail crisscrosses over Sabino Creek. When the creek is dry, the footing is stable at most of the crossing points, but when water is present, it can be more challenging. After crossing over the creek several times, the trail rises up the side of Bear Canyon, leveling off at Seven Falls. Hikers are rewarded with several pools of water to relax by and wade in during most of the year.Allow a minimum of 3 hours for this hike and it is suggested to bring a minimum of 1 quart of water per person.
3679966Sabino Canyon Trails  A variety of trails are available along the way for hiking that range from easy to challenging. The main road, one of two routes on which Sabino Canyon Tours operates its Sabino Canyon tram route, is mostly flat and paved. It can be easily navigated by visitors of all ages. The main road ascends from 2,800 to 3,300 feet and crosses Sabino Creek over 9 stone bridges. It is a favorite route for both hikers and bicyclists. Blackett’s Ridge Trail This trail has several steep switch-backs while hiking up but levels out more toward the top, which provides some breathtaking views. Get off at tram stop #2 or Bear Canyon Shuttle. Telephone Line Trail This hike overlooks Sabino Creek. The panorama of Cottonwoods lining the creek bed below is beautiful during the fall when the leaves change to harvest gold. Get off at tram stop #9 and walk down to stop #1. Hutch’s Pools This location is popular when the Creek contains water. The hike is best taken by intermediate or advanced hikers, as it takes a good six to eight hours to complete. Take the tram up to Stop #9.
8668586Romero Pools Hike     I love this hike! It’s flat at the beginning, sort of sandy but always filled with gorgeous desert and views. It begins a nice climb and the trail gets much more packed and solid and you will most assuredly feel it in your legs by the time you reach the refreshingly cool Romero Pools at the top of the trail. The views from the top are spectacular and I truly recommend this moderate to intermediate hike to anyone who enjoys the desert and mountain-top views, coupled with small waterfalls and pools.Distance: Six miles round trip Elevation gain: 1,500 feet Difficulty: Moderate to difficult What you will see: Mountain views, waterfalls and natural pools What will you will feel: A break from the heat below, cool pools. Trail head: Catalina State Park Cost: $6 park entrance For additional Information: 628-5798